MadamImageKhush knows the power of food. Having naturally healed from health issues through nutrition and lifestyle changes, she realized her passion for healing through foods. She is now transforming her career to help others achieve their own optimal health and wellness.

Her vision is to educate others and empower them to feel confident in their nutrition and food choices and to develop a mind-body approach to wellness. She helps clients address current health issues and goals through an individualized journey, delicious meal plans, and is available for in home Clean Kitchen and Clean Living consultations!

An expert in change management, Khush provides the coaching and support to keep you motivated and committed on your journey to optimal health.

Khush has special interests in fertility, hormone balancing and cancer prevention and treatment support.

She also supports clients with allergies, weight loss challenges, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

More About Khush

A proud engineer and change management professional, I am fortunate to be pursuing my passion of nutrition and wellness. I am currently completing the Registered Holistic Nutritionist diploma at CSNN and have completed the Healthy Breast practitioner program with Mammalive and I am an active organic gardener.

In my late teens I suffered from hormonal imbalances and was diagnosed with endometriosis. Five laparoscopies, several prescriptions and too many specialist appointments later, I was frustrated trying to manage side effects and felt hopeless. Through research, education and inspiration from my family, I started my new lifestyle of whole foods, supportive nutrition, yoga and self-love.

As my palate diversified I expanded my recipe base and sharpened my kitchen skills. I taught myself and my family how to enjoy new foods I didn’t even know existed! I experimented until dinner, snacks and cakes were perfected using only clean foods. I now have my meat loving husband drooling over vegan dishes!

My lifestyle and nutritional transformation continued to heal me and was foundational in overcoming my infertility. We are now blessed to have 3 awesome kids. The next decade of our life was focused on holistic living. My purpose was to nourish my family for the best start to life with food, love and self-respect. I am an advocate for teaching children about growing your own foods, involving them in preparing meals and understanding how food nourishes them. We expanded foods to all parts of the house including DIY toothpaste, body butter, flu remedies and cleaning supplies.

My interest in cancer nutrition was inspired by the story of my mother, who was diagnosed with a stage IV brain tumor in 2012. This was a real turning point in my life, when I was truly fascinated by the power of integrated cancer care. Food and nutrition were very supportive to my mom's treatment and healing program and I received firsthand experience of how powerful these can be in such dire circumstances. My mom and her commitment to clean eating continue to inspire me every day.

I end each day in gratitude, blessed for my life experiences, diverse educations, and a purposeful passion that inspires individuals to nourish mind, body and spirit.