The Ideal Diet

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I have embarked on the impossible yet infamous question in society these day.  With so many differing opinions, conflicting literature and information overload no wonder many are struggling with determining what they should be eating these days. My approach is simple: Whole food Primarily plant based Agrees with your body I am not sure if […]


Staying Motivated

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Social media is full of quotes to help us stay motivated, to eat right, be mindful, do yoga and so on.  Yet for most of us we hit a wall or slowly get off track.  What is the secret to staying motivated? For many, its results.  We have busy lives and if efforts do not […]

A young woman juggling the management of time. Isolated on a white background.

The busy life

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I got lots on the go!  Over the past few years of having a crazy busy life, I started to pay attention and realized I was constantly distracted.  Some days I would procrastinate, doing odd tasks, on social media, worrying about my to do list, and hours would pass with frustration growing inside (thinking I […]



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What kind? How much? When? We took one of the simplest things on the planet and made it so complex. Let’s keep it simple. Drink filtered water Solid carbon block provides clean water at a good price point (countertop and under sink options available) Counter top or fridge based filter (eg. Brita, Zero, Pur) Distilled […]


Food was meant to nourish us

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Today food is everything! What do you think about when you think food… Our relationship with food is pretty deep. It serves many needs beyond nourishment and it’s become a culture of it’s own. A culture that I too admire and participate in. But I do think  sometimes… It’s gone a bit too far. It’s […]