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The 100 Day Kick Start

100 Days Kick Start

Features and Benefits

Integrating the mind, body & spirit aspects of your health and well-being, this program is designed to help you get started at the pace that’s right for you. We have a comprehensive review, a nutritional plan that is focus to help meet your health goals, an opportunity to discover inner inspiration, become self-aware, then we will tackle your eating habits with customized meal plans with recipes and most importantly a get you to start living your Wellthy life. 1 – Get Inspired 1- The Inspired Mind 1 – 7 Day Meal Plan 3 – 30 minute follow ups Weekly e-mail support for 12 weeks

Service Details

Get Inspired: 

  • Introduction and intake assessment, review of current lifestyle and nutritional habits and discussion of personal goals. 60 minutes
  • My Wellth Plan includes a nutrition and wellness plan with an in-depth review of specific nutrients, foods, meal fundamentals and mind-body wellness for you! 60 minutes
  •  3 day menu plan
  • Weekly email support for two additional weeks

Follow Up: Review food and lifestyle plan progress, create additional health goals and adjustments. Discuss personal hurdles and strategies to overcome.

The Inspired Mind: Our minds and daily habits play a huge role in our overall health. This session will help you become more self-aware, discover your own thinking patters, re-examine habits and emotions that are impairing optimal health. This includes some personal digging and exercises – beware this can get ugly before it gets beautiful (no doubt it will).  You will be inspired to move forward on a path of awareness, gratitude, movement, laughter and joy.

Meal Plan: Custom 7 day plan with 15 recipes to get you started right away (no stress about what to make!) Simple and delicious – working with your budget and nutritional needs.

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